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Skinny Puppy remixes by Necrotek

Skinny Puppy - Anger (Adrenergic Brap)
Skinny Puppy - Anger (Adrenergic Radio Edit)

Menschenfeind CD lyrics

None More Black EP lyrics

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Contact: info (at) necrotek (dot) com

RELEASED TODAY!! March 27th, 2012: Blacklight Magick, Necrotek's second album on Vendetta, is an homage to the psychedelic electro-industrial sound of the 80s and 90s. It presents dark industrial electronics with gothic atmospheres and themes of disillusion, heartbreak, drugs, magick and horror. While staying true to his old-school influences, Necrotek has developed a singular and unique sound, setting him apart from the usual "industrial" fare of the current scene; the music is menacing and hypnotic, energetic and evocative, with lyrics that explore a philosophical questioning of existential experience.

An undeniably dark and spooky record, Blacklight Magick is a deeply personal journal of decadence, broken relationships and haunting emotions, full of sublime intensity and a sense of ironic fatalism. It contains a rare live improv track from a warehouse performance in 2001, as well as the very first Necrotek track from 2000. It also contains several exceptional, high-quality remixes from artists such as Portion Control, Trimetrick, Terminal State, The Peoples Republic of Europe, Revolution State, Kontrolled Demolition, and more. There is a download code in each cd to unlock five additional tracks from the Vendetta Music website, including a second bonus remix by Portion Control.

The NSFW cover features fetish model Lola Babalon, with photography by gAk, and art by Nathan Winter (Industriarts).

Hear excerpts:

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First review:

Available from:

Vendetta Music
Storming The Base
Out of Line



Track list:

01 - Blacklight Magick I (Intro)
02 - Cemetery Sound
03 - Satanas Ex Machina
04 - Blacklight Magick
05 - Descent
06 - Haunted
07 - Terror Trip (Live 11.24.01)
08 - Blood Through The Ceiling
09 - Satanas Ex Machina (Machinamentum rmx)
10 - Satanas Ex Machina (Trimetrick Belgium Beat rmx)
11 - Blacklight Magick (Portion Control rmx V.2)
12 - Shadow Phase (Symbolic rmx by Terminal State)
13 - Blacklight Magick (Revolution State's Medical Magick rmx)
14 - Satanas Ex Machina (The Peoples Republic of Europe rmx)
15 - None More Black (Kontrolled Demolition rmx)
16 - None More Black (Trimetrick rmx feat. Catherine Nitrojane Robertson)

Bonus Tracks:

01 - Blacklight Magick (Portion Control rmx V.1.3)
02 - None More Black (Splatterpunk rmx)
03 - Satanas Ex Machina (Voltage Kontrol rmx)
04 - None More Black (Robot Marching Band edit by Wiretrap)
05 - Raze The Dead (Live 3.29.03)

Necrotek recent activity:

- Descent, Face The Beat 01 (55xFile, MP3 Comp), Side-Line 2011
- Revenant, Old School Electrology Vol. One (4xCD, Comp), Electro Aggression Records 2012
- Living To Die (Necrotek rmx), Unit:187 - Transfusion (CD, Remixes), Vendetta Music 2012
- Beyond Death, Electronic Saviors Vol. 2: Recurrence (6xCD, Comp), Metropolis Records 2012

ALSO be sure to check out the new UNIT:187 remix CD also OUT TODAY digitally and on CD. It features remixes from Ken Marshall & Cevin Key, iVardensphere, Mindless Faith, Stiff Valentine, Necrotek, 16Volt, Mono-Amine, Cyanotic and more!


Storming The Base
CD Universe

Necrotek - None More Black digital EP on the Vendetta Music label is the follow-up to the debut cd 'Menschenfeind' in early 2009, the 'None More Black' EP - delivering two nihilistic ebm anthems and two tracks of old-school-inspired industrial!

Available from:

Track list:

1. None More Black
2. Alles Ist Nacht
3. Shadow Phase
4. Decline and Fall

Produced by James Geist
Art by Nathan Winter -
Mastered by Mike Wells -
Additional production on "None More Black" by Ben P. / Red Dwarf Studio -

Samples can be heard at:

Also available now are the first Necrotek t-shirts, with art by Nathan Winter of Industriarts. Limited run of 50. $15 M,L,XL, Girls-L.

To order, e-mail info (at) necrotek (dot) com with your shirt size and postal address. Payable by Paypal.

The art appears slightly smaller on the actual shirts, but here is the graphic:

Necrotek also has the exclusive track 'Revenant' appearing on the upcoming 4-CD Box Set "Old School Electrology Vol. 1" from Electro Aggression Records. For more info and to order:

Necrotek's first CD Menschenfeind is now available on the Vendetta Music label - a blend of old-school industrial and dark cyber-tek electronics.

Full-length tracks can be heard at:

Also available from:
COP International
Storming The Base
INDIEtective Mailorder

Necrotek - Menschenfeind cd 2009:

01 Drugsick
02 Back To the Grave
03 Menschenfeind
04 Sense of Decay
05 200666 (Misanthropik Mix)
06 Wish You Dead (Psychic Murder Mix)
07 Satanik (Satan Was An Acidhead Mix)
08 Human Waste
09 Beat Yourself Dead
10 Ghosted
11 Back To The Grave (Terror Punk Syndicate rmx)
12 Beat Yourself Dead (Brain Leisure rmx)
13 Ghosted (Neon Cage Experiment rmx)
14 Back To The Grave (Emitted rmx by LIOB)
15 Ghosted (Zero Up rmx by Terminal State)
16 Human Waste (Experiment Haywire rmx)
17 Wish You Dead (Noizekatt rmx)

Necrotek - Menschenfeind bonus cdr 2009:

1. Cemetery Sound
2. Menschenfeind (Homicidal Impulse Mix)
3. Back To The Grave (Dub rmx by KIFOTH)
4. Ghosted (Haunted Memories rmx by Normotone)
5. Human Waste (Cold Drive Remix)
6. Human Waste (Vanvard rmx)
7. Beat Yourself Dead (Synaptic Defect rmx)
8. Decline and Fall
9. Beyond Death

Necrotek - Satanik EP demo cdr 2006. Tracklist & mp3 samples:

01. Walpurgisnacht
02. Satanik
03. Blacklight Magick I
04. Spectre
05. Shadow Machine
06. The Other 2%
07. Wish You Dead (First Cut)
08. Terror Sequence I

Necrotek has completed remixes for Experiment Haywire, Ambassador21, Cervello Elettronico, Brain Leisure, Dead Turns Alive, and The Peoples Republic of Europe.

The track 'Revenant' appears on the Electro Aggression Records 4CD release 'Old School Electrology Vol. 1' 2012

The remix 'Game Called Life (Necrotek End Future mix)' appears on the Experiment Haywire CD 'Remix Riot'

The remix 'Female Domination (Necrotek rmx)' appears on The Peoples Republic of Europe FREE DOWNLOAD EP 'Nicolae Carpathia Died for Your Sins'

The track 'Beyond Death' appears on the 'Apocalypse Within EBM Independent Compilation' - a FREE download compilation available here: PART I, PART II, PART III

The track 'Wish You Dead (Ilion Conflict remix)' appears on the Soviet Media Kontrol CD 'Soviet Media Kompilation Vol. I'

The track 'Wish You Dead (First Cut)' appears on the BLC 2CD compilation 'Interbreeding VIII: Elements of Violence'

The track 'Spectre' appears on the Alfa-Matrix 4CD Box compilation
'Endzeit Bunkertracks Act II'

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